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Kathy Jourdain

This book took shape and form at the confluence of three significant threads in Kathy Jourdain’s life over five years from 2005 to 2010. One was awakening to a spiritual lineage deeply buried in her consciousness. Another was being confronted by a physical lineage she had no idea existed. The third was discovering how to walk in the world with strength, joy and compassion and to be powerful in her vulnerability, growing her depth of presence and capacity to do deep, meaningful work in the world. The book examines the impact of stories in how we make meaning of our lives and experiences, offering that we can shift the shape of our lives when we intentionally choose the shape of our stories.

Kathy is a contributing author to Gift of the Hit: Volume 1, inspired by Peter Davison. Her story about

She is co-founder and a leading expert, with Jerry Nagel of the Meadowlark Institute in Minnesota, in the emerging field of the Transformative Power of Worldview Intelligence, a doorway into reflective space inviting people into curiosity about their own and others’ worldviews, helping to create an understanding of how to give voice and visibility to multiple worldviews and create openings for successfully leading different, more inclusive conversations on issues and challenges that routinely show up in organizations, communities and social systems.

Kathy is a powerful practitioner of the Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter, a self-organizing, emergent global network living the principles and practices of shared responsibility and shared leadership. It demands that practitioners become increasingly self-aware and present and that they collaborate with others in tackling some of the most pressing issues of our time.

As a global AoH steward of these principles and practices, Kathy is invited into hosting teams and consulting work for increasingly difficult work, primarily in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Australia and France. She shares what she is learning through her writing on her blog, Shape Shift.

She was born in Nova Scotia, raised there and has lived there all her life. She currently resides in Bedford. When she gets homesick, it is not for the place she calls home, but for the people she has the privilege of knowing and falling in love with all over the world.

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