Keynotes and Program Offerings

Keynotes build on stories from Embracing the Stranger in Me: A Journey to Openheartedness and through the Shape Shift journey. In my talks I share my stories as a way to dive into the deeper patterns that shape life, relationships, healing, and journeys. Stories of finding out, later in life, that I was adopted, of divorce and job loss, of being a caregiver and patient navigator for my parents while raising my young family, of my mother becoming my greatest teacher in the last years of her life dealing with dementia, long term care and death.

Grand Gathering opening


A few topics:

  • Is This Real or Am I Making It Up: The Power of Story to Shape Your Experiences and Your World
  • Human Tragedy or Soul Journey? Making Sense of Life’s Challenges
  • Worldview: Shifting the Shape of Your Experience By Understanding Influence and Impact of Worldview
  • The Transformative Power of Worldview Intelligence
  • Resiliency: Why It’s Important and How To Cultivate It
  • Generative Leadership: The Balance Between Clarity and Flexibility



Program offerings include:

  • Journey to Openheartedness: Giving Your All Without Giving It All Away 
  • Worldview Exploration: Influence of Reality, History, Future, Values, Practices and Knowledge in Shaping Your Life’s Experiences
  • Storytelling Circles – Shifting the Shape of Your Experience Through the Stories you Tell
  • Going Deeper: Embracing the Stranger in You



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