Bargain Making Creates Unnecessary Dependencies – Break It Before You Set It

Kitten prayingHave you ever found yourself making bargains – with yourself, with God, with the devil? I would bet most of us have at some time or other. And, for many of us, often. And, we don’t need to.

Making bargains is a form of a limiting belief. It sets up a dependency relationship that does not need to exist and it may even set us up for failure.

“Make my loved one well and I will pray every day.” If my loved one does not become well, will I not pray? Is it a threat – I will only do this if you deliver? It sets up an unnecessary and unhelpful dependency. This could just as easily be two separate statements – a prayer of gratitude “Thank you for making my loved one well.” Or, perhaps, “Thank you for taking care of my loved well.” This latter statement might include making your loved one well, or might have other soul journey implications. And an intention, “I pray/meditate every day.”

“Help me pay my bills and I will work harder every day.” Again, two separate statements. Various versions of the first include: “I am so happy and grateful that my needs are taken care of.” “I am so happy and grateful that the money is coming in now.” “Infinite wisdom, open the way for all that is mine by divine right to reach me now in great avalanches of abundance, under grace and in perfect ways.” This last is a favourite from “The Game of Life and How to Play It”, a classic by Florence Scovell Shinn that is well worth the read. The second statement could be, “Every day I take action in the direction of my intention (vision, dream) for my life and work.”

“Give me what I need and I will share with someone else in need.” Again, a statement of gratitude, “Everything I need comes to me.” And a statement of intention, “I will offer an act of kindness to someone in need.” This creates lots of opportunities. It could be a smile to someone who needs it, a “pay-it-forward” deed, a gift of money or an offer of support.

“Please, please remove this person/situation from my life and I promise I will be a better person.” You can’t be a better person even with this situation at hand? Maybe being a “better person”, whatever that means to you, is what is needed for the situation to change. “Thank you for the lessons this person/situation is bringing my way.” “I am grateful this person/situation is illuminating where I am in my journey now, showing me what is healed and where my work lies.” “I am so happy and grateful I am the best version of me I know how to be.” “I do the best I can with what I know. As I know better, I will continue to do better.”

It is often through desperation that we make bargains and we are often not aware we are doing so. It is an unconscious thought pattern. It is through trust and faith that we set intention and offer gratitude even when we do not yet see the results. And it is a journey of becoming – becoming aware of our thoughts, behaviours and patterns and learning to shift them so we gain a greater sense of peace, joy and love.

What bargains are you making? What happens if you make them separate statements, intentions or prayers? They each become more powerful in themselves. Is it just semantics or words? Is it all about positivity? The question is, what makes you feel better? When you feel better you do better. You live better. You are more resourced. Choose the better feeling options.

Try it. See what happens. Share your experience with us.

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