What Gives You Hope Now?


These are tumultuous times. It can be easy to be swept away by the currents of fear, anxiety, overwhelm and hopelessness. But hope resides within, fuelled by things that catch your attention and seep into your being. It can be a heartfelt question. Look around. What gives you hope now?

For me, it is the groundswell of people rising up in ways I have not personally witnessed before. It is the Mayor of Halifax last night at an impromptu peace rally he called to invite people to come and be together because, he said, what else do you do when you do not know what else to do, deep in his own vulnerability as he spoke.

It is my fourteen year old child already finding ways to stand up for values held dear. It is each individual expressing sorrow, grief or outrage. Saying when there is hate we need to respond with love. People making phone calls and sharing the result. Lawyers who sat in airports pro bono. Rising up. Showing up.

What gives you hope now? List every single thing you can think of. And then keep showing up in the moments you feel called. Courage might just be finding the way through the day.

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