An Antidote to Anxiety is Presence

There are many times when I feel anxiety creeping into my day, not so debilitating I can’t function but still there, as an undercurrent, a feeling of unease. It seeps in when there is news about the economy, rising inflation, interest rates, worry about what happens in the US and how it impacts us here in Canada. When I am concerned about the flow of business or what opportunities to follow of all that show up.

One antidote to this feeling of unease is presence. In this moment, I am okay, all is okay. In this moment, I can appreciate the sunshine (or the rain or whatever), the food in my fridge and cupboards, good health, mobility and so much more.

To move from anxiety to presence can start with a breath, noticing the breath, following it into the body. When anxious, we can forget to breath so taking a deep breath, and another and another, is grounding. When my thoughts are flying all over the place and barely consciously registering, focusing on the breath, brings awareness and presence.

(And, please know, this does not take away from anyone who needs medication to reduce anxiety. That is a different level of experience than what can be solely addressed through presence and the breath. We each need to take care of our wellbeing in ways that serve us.)


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